Children’s Center Mural

March 28, 2015

We are having a preview/ reception for the mural tomorrow. We will be laying the whole thing out so we see how all the pieces come together. you can find the details here in this little article the Columbian ran today .

A little while ago The Children’s Center made this video about the project.

It’s been an amazing project. I can hardly believe we are almost ready to emboss the donor names.


Children’s Center Mural

March 9, 2015


Octo 40

The 40th tile, the last tile out of 40, has been a pain. 39 tiles were fairly easy, with only a few hick ups and one tile that had to be re-done. The 40th is proving to be a challenge.

The last tile has an octopus in it. I have been excited about doing the octopus since we started this project and we saved it for last knowing it would be different than the other tiles. Jane and I had planned to do a two part screen print. We decided to do the base layer in purple with a pea green for the top layer – neither color is anywhere else in the mural.

First the screen print didn’t give us nearly the detail we had hoped it would, then when fired the green was much less vivid than planned. A second coat helped some, but Jane and I were still considering scrapping the tile and starting over, until we pulled out the two neighboring tiles to see how the octopus would look with the other pieces next to it. Context is everything. Once we saw it next to the others and we could see how they all worked together everything was ok. After this next firing Jane is going to add dozens of little round ball to the tentacles to indicate the suction cups and give the octopus some bling.

Next  we will be adding the donor names to the finished work….

Children’s Center Mural

February 16, 2015

We just started the starfish level of the mural.

It is the most colorful and fun section of the mural with red, yellow, and orange starfish. The kelp is blue, amber, and green. The fish are every color. Since this level is lower it will be at eye hight for the Children’s Centers youngest clients, so we want it to be particularly inviting and joyful.

Jane has created some fantastic textured “sand” with different types of fritt. It looks white like cloudy rock salt before it is fused. After it come out of the kiln it has transformed into gravely grey, black, and tan pebbles. It’s amazing to see it transform.



DSCN3939 DSCN3940 DSCN3941

Children’s Center Mural

February 3, 2015


I made some coloring pages from our mural designs. Color page one Color page 3 Color page 2

Children’s Center Mural

January 26, 2015

The mural is coming along.

We don’t have a space in the studio to see more than a couple tiles together at a time. It’s like piecing together a quilt. The completed tiles are wrapped and stored in Jane’s basement. We pulled all the completed tiles out today, unwrapped them, and put them together to see how they fit. It was grand to see how big it is already. There are still many holes and the we haven’t yet begun on the bottom row of tiles, but we are well on our way to having an entire wall of glass. DSCN3906DSCN3918DSCN3904DSCN3905DSCN3924

Children’s Center Mural

January 19, 2015

DSCN3898 DSCN3899 DSCN3900

Children’s Center Mural

January 18, 2015

Jane’s studio is amazing! It is a small space packed supplies. She has jars and jars of frit glass, and racks of sheet glass. It is clear that she loves this art form. My mother has been helping us by cleaning the glass and assisting in the studio. With the three of us in the studio and Jane’s big black dog Harvey, it is cozy. At first I was tentative about being in the studio with so many fragile glass supplies. I imagined tripping and smashing thousands of dollars worth of glass along with hours of our labor. Now it is quite comfortable. With the kiln going it is always warm. DSCN3893

Jane and I are just getting started on the first round of firing for the tiles. It is exciting! My background is in painting and drawing, two mediums that allow for some erasing or painting over if there is a mistake. Glass doesn’t allow for such easy corrections. Each firing takes hours. You can add to a tile after has been fired, but you really can’t un-fussing a tile. The colors of the glass often change in the kiln. So the colors I see in the jars of frit may not not be the color that appear when the tiles come out of the kiln. Every time we take a tile out of kiln I am surprised by the way the heat has transformed the images and colors.DSCN3880