Hello Friends 12/10/2015

IMG_0579 IMG_0580

Making progress! I moved the panel from my workshop and brought it upstairs in my house for better light and a warmer place to work. It has been great! Having the piece close at hand has made it much easier. I have one more big show to get ready for (a two person show at Lower Columbia College in January) then all my energy can go into finishing up this projects and getting it ready to install at Three Creeks.

All four of the main figures are now drawn in. They will get refined in the coming weeks. The next layers will bring more color and movement.


My daughter and I have been debating about the final figure. She is adamant that he should not be looking straight at the viewer. It is a non-traditional choice. Since the other figures are looking away it sets him apart, but I like it that way. He is also the only figure standing rather than reclining. The final figure is like the punctuation of the piece. He is an exclamation point.


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