Children’s Center Mural


Octo 40

The 40th tile, the last tile out of 40, has been a pain. 39 tiles were fairly easy, with only a few hick ups and one tile that had to be re-done. The 40th is proving to be a challenge.

The last tile has an octopus in it. I have been excited about doing the octopus since we started this project and we saved it for last knowing it would be different than the other tiles. Jane and I had planned to do a two part screen print. We decided to do the base layer in purple with a pea green for the top layer – neither color is anywhere else in the mural.

First the screen print didn’t give us nearly the detail we had hoped it would, then when fired the green was much less vivid than planned. A second coat helped some, but Jane and I were still considering scrapping the tile and starting over, until we pulled out the two neighboring tiles to see how the octopus would look with the other pieces next to it. Context is everything. Once we saw it next to the others and we could see how they all worked together everything was ok. After this next firing Jane is going to add dozens of little round ball to the tentacles to indicate the suction cups and give the octopus some bling.

Next  we will be adding the donor names to the finished work….

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