Hello Friends 12/27/15

December 28, 2015

The drawing and painting are done!!!  The next steps are not as exciting but just as important as creating the images. I’ll be sealing and coating the image next. It’s a slow process that involves a lot of time waiting for layers of clear coat to dry. After that I will add the hanging hardware in the back – then it will be ready to install. Yay!

Hello Friends 12/20/15

December 21, 2015

The painting was getting quite colorful.There is a bounce and a rhythm to the colors.  I am working on toning it down now and giving it a little more nuance – more of dreamy quality.  IMG_4136 IMG_4137 IMG_4138IMG_4134 IMG_4135

Hello Friends 12/13/15

December 14, 2015






A IMG_4122




This is getting to be fun!


Hello Friends 12/10/2015

December 11, 2015

IMG_0579 IMG_0580

Making progress! I moved the panel from my workshop and brought it upstairs in my house for better light and a warmer place to work. It has been great! Having the piece close at hand has made it much easier. I have one more big show to get ready for (a two person show at Lower Columbia College in January) then all my energy can go into finishing up this projects and getting it ready to install at Three Creeks.

All four of the main figures are now drawn in. They will get refined in the coming weeks. The next layers will bring more color and movement.


My daughter and I have been debating about the final figure. She is adamant that he should not be looking straight at the viewer. It is a non-traditional choice. Since the other figures are looking away it sets him apart, but I like it that way. He is also the only figure standing rather than reclining. The final figure is like the punctuation of the piece. He is an exclamation point.

Hello Friends! 11/22/2015

November 23, 2015

IMG_4089We are on to the next step. The drawings are scaled to a size that fits the Teen Section artwork. Next I will redraw the figures directly on the board while also continuing to work on the pattern.

Hello Friends! 11/11/2015

November 12, 2015

Finally our 10’ panel is primed! It took four coats of Gesso to get a good working surface. I am beginning to layer some of the initial colors and block out where the letters will be. Next I will start tracing the drawings of the teens to get them ready to transfer to the panel. 

IMG_4083 IMG_4084

Hello Friends!

October 19, 2015

I’ll be posting some images here to keep the Friends of Three Creeks Library up-to-date on the Teen section project I am working on for them.

Hello Friends!

These are a couple images of the very begins of the Teen Section sign. I had the panel built by a local artist. It is lovely! She did a great job.

I have been working on the preliminary drawings. Each figure will be drawn out on paper first. Once I am sure that the drawing work, and is the right scale, I will trace them onto another piece of paper then transfer it to the panel. Before I get to that point I will also need to prime and prepare the panel work out colors and patterns. There is a lot of work to do. I am looking forward to all the drawing. Portraits are one of my favorite things to do. THis will be fun!


DSCN4822 DSCN4824 DSCN4823

Children’s Center Mural

March 28, 2015

We are having a preview/ reception for the mural tomorrow. We will be laying the whole thing out so we see how all the pieces come together. you can find the details here in this little article the Columbian ran today .

A little while ago The Children’s Center made this video about the project.

It’s been an amazing project. I can hardly believe we are almost ready to emboss the donor names.

Children’s Center Mural

March 9, 2015


Octo 40

The 40th tile, the last tile out of 40, has been a pain. 39 tiles were fairly easy, with only a few hick ups and one tile that had to be re-done. The 40th is proving to be a challenge.

The last tile has an octopus in it. I have been excited about doing the octopus since we started this project and we saved it for last knowing it would be different than the other tiles. Jane and I had planned to do a two part screen print. We decided to do the base layer in purple with a pea green for the top layer – neither color is anywhere else in the mural.

First the screen print didn’t give us nearly the detail we had hoped it would, then when fired the green was much less vivid than planned. A second coat helped some, but Jane and I were still considering scrapping the tile and starting over, until we pulled out the two neighboring tiles to see how the octopus would look with the other pieces next to it. Context is everything. Once we saw it next to the others and we could see how they all worked together everything was ok. After this next firing Jane is going to add dozens of little round ball to the tentacles to indicate the suction cups and give the octopus some bling.

Next  we will be adding the donor names to the finished work….

Children’s Center Mural

February 16, 2015

We just started the starfish level of the mural.

It is the most colorful and fun section of the mural with red, yellow, and orange starfish. The kelp is blue, amber, and green. The fish are every color. Since this level is lower it will be at eye hight for the Children’s Centers youngest clients, so we want it to be particularly inviting and joyful.

Jane has created some fantastic textured “sand” with different types of fritt. It looks white like cloudy rock salt before it is fused. After it come out of the kiln it has transformed into gravely grey, black, and tan pebbles. It’s amazing to see it transform.



DSCN3939 DSCN3940 DSCN3941